GARAGE Performing Arts Center

A ritual of desolation. In dramaturgical terms, establishing a structure empty of meaning becomes of interest when repeated over and over again. In this way, in each iteration, our focal point shifts to different specific body parts and the dynamics between the bodies in space accordingly. Specifically, within the larger structure proposed we wish to engage with micro-choreographies of the eyes, voice/breathings and gestures. We wonder what will happen if we compose subtle and soft movements for body parts that stand as representatives of the senses. In due course, we believe that the change of attention focus from the larger choreographed structure to the smaller choreographed sections asks for different kinds of spectatorship each time. Spectators are not only asked to witness what is happening in the room but they are involved by having to engage with different locus of looking as well as different ways or reading the ritual. Moreover, the whole mechanism of the ritual is intended to be visible for the spectators. Meaning that the process of creation is laid bare open and visible both for the performers and the spectators which makes it a shared activity.

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