Christina Karagianni‭ ‬(NL/GR‭)‬ is an independent researcher and movement practitioner living in Rotterdam.‭ ‬She received her education as a professional dancer from the Greek National School of Dance‭ (‬KSOT‭) ‬and completed her MA in‭ ‬Theatre studies at the University of Utrecht. In‭ ‬2011,‭ ‬she founded with Pierre Magendie,‭ ‬dance collective‭ ‬KammerTanzCoop,‭ ‬whose works are characterized by the use of humor and kinkiness and design to push the boundaries of normative codes within the field of performance.‭

She considers dance and choreography as forms that can produce knowledge‭; ‬therefore she is interested in the inquiry of the relationship between practice and theory.‭ ‬Recurring questions that feed her research‭ ‬concern the speculative potentiality of dance,‭ ‬the valuation of labor of the dancing body,‭ ‬the distribution of authorship. Lately she holds a fascination for mechanisms of re-enactment and their performative and trasformative potentiality. She critically examines structures of power‭ ‬that advocate exclusive relation to the present.‭

Email: chris.karagianni15@gmail.com